Friday, April 8, 2011

NOTICE: Open Application at the Third Wheelers Club... :(

We regret to inform the world that our dearest third wheeler (and at this point sole writer) is leaving us.  The fabulous Deadpan has found her matching wheel.  We (Hyoid and Perfection) would like to take this time to formally congratulate the two happy wheels on their trail together.  This is a big step for Perfection and I letting our Deadpan go the way of all happy wheels... that is, wheels that have their match!

On the upside, you now get the opportunity to dive deeper into the lives and intellect of Perfection and I.  For you see, while Deadpan stayed at college, fate drew Perfection and I to the plains and valleys of Montana... no joke.  Thus insuring our status in the third wheelers club.

Also, we are currently taking applications for any ambitious third wheelers that want to make their status epic.  We recommend you first follow us and then comment your application on this post.


Note: Though our beloved Deadpan is now dead to us (no pun intended... ok maybe) yet is still invited to make posts and comments from the "paired off perspective" of things, there are a few things that we are looking for:

-finds humor in the most epic awkward situations
-chronically single
-lives their life as if it's being narrated
-finds comfort at the bottom of a bag of chips

 Hope that is not too overwhelming.


Hyoid and Perfection

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  1. me! me! pick me! I'm the first one to comment plus I meet and exceed the stated requirements! yes?? pretty please? :D