Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deadpan Kidnapped...

Okay readers...(all three of you)...I was kidnapped today.  That's right.  I was held against my will and taken to a place I had never been before.  Actually that's a lie.  I had a chance to walk away...and I've been to the place before...So I guess I wasn't really kidnapped. But let's just say I was to make the story more interesting okay?

I was walking across a parking lot when I saw what looked like Hyoid getting some random car with someone I didn't recognize.  I stopped and kind of stared at the person just to see if it really was Hyoid.  The person ended up being who I thought it was and she ended up staring at me back, probably wondering if who she was seeing was indeed the one and only Deadpan staring back at her (a lot of staring took place. It was pretty strange...) she then smiled and yelled, "Deadpan!" and then turned to the person in the car, who ended up being none other than Perfection, who was freaking out just as much as Hyoid.  I heard them yell, "It's fate!"   then suddenly, Perfection yells, "Deadpan! Get in the car!" I don't really know what overcame me but I found myself doing exactly what she said and got in the back seat of her car.  We all just sat there for a minute and then, out of the blue, Perfection asked, "Deadpan, what size shoes do you wear?"  Once again, not knowing what overcame me, I answered her question like it wasn't the most random question in the world, "I'm a size seven. Why?"  Then Hyoid and Perfection both drop the surprise saying that they were going to the gym and wanted me to join.  (Just in case you guys didn't know this, I NEVER GO TO THE GYM.  I have the gut to prove it!  I just never had the desire to go.  I walk around a lot.  That's as close as I'm gonna get to exercise.  Ever.)  So when they said this, I opened the door, stuck my foot out, and with a quick, "see ya!" was out of that car.  With their words of encouragement, I got back in the car and told them that I would just chill with them while they worked out but that was it!  So we start driving to World's Gym...and then we drove past World's Gym.  I got a bit confused when we pulled into Perfection's apartment complex.  I came to discover that her definition of working out is doing push ups while a good movie is on.  I didn't complain!

So we picked out the movie "Eagle Eye"(Good movie!) and started watching it...while we were laying on the floor...eating popcorn.  Sure, we lift our legs up and down every once in a while but for the most part, it was just me, Hyoid, and Perfection just being the Third Wheelers that we are.  I accidentally gave Perfection a bloody nose (I'm still sorry about that Perfection!!!!) and Hyoid tried to re-cook brownies that weren't cooked all the way, with no success.  After the movie was done, we all piled in Perfection's car again and she took me and Hyoid back to our own apartments and back to reality. 

So there ya have it.  I was kidnapped.  Do I wish to be kidnapped again?  If it means a repeat of the blast I had with Perfection and Hyoid tonight, absolutely. 

Minus the bloody nose...


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  1. Can you please hurry up and, I don't know, WRITE SOME MORE Miss Deadpan??