Friday, April 8, 2011

Long Overdue Update and much needed Insight

  OKAY... so this is my first time contributing first hand to this epic little club (epic is my word of the day) so lets see how I do.
  Well A little background info to endear you readers to me i think would be appropriate... Or rather, how about a perfect situation that explains it all.

Note: If you are a third wheeler who struggles in dating, it will be good to read the notes i make, for i will be helping you with the dos and don'ts through first hand experiences.

        -When Hiking, Do not lead your date off a cliff.

   I know this sounds obvious to many, but this is information I sure wish I had the other week.

  So While being up here in the plains and valleys of Montana, Frying doughnuts at the lone bakery. I decided I needed a vacation to see if there was still any fire from an old flame that I have known since I was 3, down in the exciting town of Las Vegas. Well not really a flame, but a cute boy and our moms are best friends, you get the point.
  So as I arrive, it was great! he had these 2 cute flowers for me and was so fun and easy to talk to, and a really big sweetheart. So everything was fine and dandy.  Then I recommended we go hiking...
   So day 2, we head to Red Rock National Park.
The trail was very hard to follow so we lost it right away. And the thing about red rock, if you have never been there is that its pretty much a small mountain of boulders. so we start scaling this thing straight up.. not as intense as you are probably thinking, but still pretty intense ( hands and knees were required).
 After we enjoyed the glorious view at the top I started leading the way down....
  Now I guess you could say I am a bit competitive, so I didn't really pick the easiest way to start heading down....
  So I jump down off this 4 foot ledge in my own world, thinking he would be oh so impressed with my mountain goat hiking skills, when I hear a low cry and turn to find my nice handsome date landing the jump with his handsome face.
  I was horrified, he, I'm sure a little shocked and in pain... but it was too late, the damage was done... I didn't know till this point that he wasn't a big hiker.
(another dating tip: communicate, never assume)
He face was scraped and bleeding, a goose egg forming on his forehead, and he sprained his hand.

Then to further strip him any male pride that might have survived the fall (I guess I'm an all or nothing person). I had to hike in front of him pretending that i could only use one hand to make sure he could follow that route, I would then wait and help him through. I offered to carry the backpack, but he clung to it desperately like it was his last drop of surviving male ego, and was not going to surrender it (making it harder to get down)....

....... I guess you could say the rest is history. These are the kind of situations that make or break you... and, well he broke.

Thus I am back frying doughnuts in nowhere Montana.  But I am a glass full kind of gal, and I think you can always learn and take away small treasures of knowledge and insight in any situation.

#1- men are fragile, handle with care
and #2 -it is better to play helpless damsel in distress in these situations rather than Lewis and Clark.


  1. Whatever. Be all the Lewis and Clark you want.
    But it's too bad his pretty face was broken.