Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Wrong Attention

As third wheelers I suppose it would be safe to assume that we do not get a lot of attention from suitors and that we would welcome any attention.

Not so.  There is definitely such thing as the wrong type of attention!

At my job, I take one of my clients swimming at a hospital rehab pool.  Towards the end of March, a physical therapist from the hospital started coming with us to make sure we were on track with the client's swim routine.

The therapist was probably mid-forties, 5’9, and very granola!  She had graying, nappy black hair, not a stitch of makeup on, oh and did I mention, had hairy armpits that could have been braided or used to build a small bird’s nest.

I show up in my (unfortunately) low-cut swimsuit soaking up all the advice she has to give me.

The first day went great! I learned lots of exercises to do with my client.  The second day… not so fortunate L

Ms. Therapist would not stop staring at me!  And oh that sap-sick smile!  :S I nearly choked myself pulling my swimsuit top up!  Then there was the touching!  Touching my arms, my legs... ay-chi-wa-wa

After the swim session, I ran into her in the locker room as she was pulling her granny-panties up past her bellybutton.  Nearly out of breath at the sight of me, she thanked me for such a great day at the pool.  Perhaps it is personal, but I find people staring at you as you change in the locker room slightly uncomfortable!

Later my co-worker had the audacity to call Ms. Therapist my girlfriend!! Uggghh!  Needless to say, an oversized t-shirt has been worn in the pool since.

No. Not all attention is welcome! And this girl here will GLADLY keep her third wheeler seat warm for a while thank you very much!

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